The first idea to Vote It Right came in the summer of 2014. The original intention with Vote It Right, was that it should become a voting platform to promote democracy around the globe. As it turned out, the Internet does not lack that kind of platforms, and the idea was scrabed into the drawer.

But then something happened in 2015. An EngineWorks employee went to an Apple Store with his iPhone 5S, because he got one of those that bend when the battery turns hot. It made the display react improperly and the cell phone would start to write its own SMS and emails and call people and whatever. As it turned out, Apple did not really care. And the EngineWorks employee simply refused to follow Apple's advice and buy a new one, but decided instead, it's about time to learn companies to "think different" by telling them what people hold of what they do.

The management of EngineWorks has realized that this can turn into an interesting business opportunity. Vote It Right will though not come cheaply. It is a highly advanced system to write code for. The budget estimate is USD 4,5 million for a full global functional system. We are looking for investors that share our vision and offer at the moment 16,6% equity to external investors - private and professional. Equity is sold to an expense of USD 45.180,- per share (1 share = 1%).

For more information, please contact michael.wuertz (at)