In principle, Vote It Right is a tool for consumers to give feedback about a manufacturers product, or a service provision that is offered which is in the hands of the consumer right-in-that-moment, to state whether the delivered product or service is good or not so good.


If the product is of bad quality, or if a service is poor, then the consumer has a direct line to vent his frustrations giving a negative feedback to the manufacturer or service provider by using Vote It Right. And he would certainly do so. You can call it a kind of taking revenge for having bought something that is just not worth the money.

It is much more difficult to obtain feedback when a product or a service is good. So consider this: The consumer has the product between his hands, right-in-that-moment, or just ordered a meal, so the consumer's thoughts and attention focuses around that moment. Why not give a feedback that lasts less than 30 seconds after the meal, and thereby cash-in a free desert, or win a trip as a thank you for selecting that manufacturers brand product.

That is a feature that none of Vote It Rights competitors have. And that is a feature that does not exist within fast market analysis. What Vote It Right has, is a method to get a direct feedback from consumers while their attention is still at the product or service they are using. In other words; while the product is hot in their hands.


Vote It Right, is a smartphone and web-based platform for any firm, manufacturer, marketing company, consumer (you and I), and anybody who wish to make low-cost marketing and promotion, market research, enter into dialogue with other consumers ie. to let inform about a product or restaurant, or enter into dialogue with companies inside topics that motivate to provide an opinion. Vote It Right is the upcoming platform needed by the industry to connect with its consumers, and has the potentional to attract anyone with a smartphone and Web browser that wants to get rewarded for providing an opinion. It is the most democratic tool in the world to decide on something. Vote It Right fulfills manufacturers and service providers need for quick and easy feedback and fulfills consumers (users) urge to provide feedback based on a multitude of personal reasons.

For everybody else, Vote It Right, sorts out all the shit stuff that nobody needs.


In addition to the earlier mentioned right-in-the-moment feature feedback principle (which is the primary feature to entice people to come to Vote It Right either via website or smartphone), Vote It Right makes sure to offer a variety of features that are advantageous to users. The basis, is a communications tool, which users can use to communicate with friends (something like SMS and WhatsApp) and join (or create) community groups according to interests. The communications tool is designed in such way that, beside receiving messages from friends, users also get messages from community groups that they have signed up to (if they want to) and companies (if they want to), to follow newsletters about new products, special product offers, rebates and stuff that can be won. In community groups, users can follow blogs that are based on their interests, and let others guide you (yes! you) to exactly that purchase you always wanted to perform without wasting your money.

What Vote It Right does, and what its competitors do not do, is to let users create their own paths and follow their own intentions. If a user wants to support a manufacturer, a company, a favorite restaurant, a service provider, he can do that. He can as well use the same channels to degrade a product and a company if he wants to, by standing in direct dialogue with those he loves (or hates), supporting them improving on their products and provide better services.

Ultimately, Vote It Right, is structured in such way that users will eventually start using other features too on the web-based platform, because they provide advantages that are beneficial for both consumers and manufacturers. Even YOU will come to use Vote It Right one day, because eventually, you will turn sour at some service provider, or some restaurant, where you just paid a fortune for awful food. You will come to think of Vote It Right, download the smartphone application, and send a negative feedback airing your dissatisfaction.

And in that bargain, you might even get a free dessert or win a free vacation to Honolulu.